02 May 2010

Finals Week

On Friday we had an awesome time seeing Owl City in concert. The concert was held at the Aragon Ballroom which looks like a giant Spanish courtyard with stars on the ceiling - beautiful! The concert was so much fun - lots of cool light effects, dancing and great music.
On Saturday we went to Tammy & Mark's house since Lauren's grandparents from Georgia were there. It was so nice to visit Lauren's grandparents who we hadn't seen since our wedding. We enjoyed lots of delicious home-cooking and great company. We miss you guys already!
Micah is in his last week of school this week. He is doing great at finishing up papers for his classes, but is struggling with the amount of Greek he has to study for - it's a lot! Please pray that he would be diligent in his work, that his studying would be fruitful and that he'd learn everything he needs to for Greek.


  1. Cool concert! Was it good? Its just one kid right? Well hope everything is going well with studying. Greek is tricky I hear. Good Luck

  2. one kid is the main dude - then he had like a cello player, a violinist, a keyboardist, drummer...and no more mac computer front and center like before! hey we all need to hang out soon!


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