28 February 2011

2nd Anniversary

While Lauren's friends were in town, they volunteered to babysit Tirzah so we could go out for our 2nd anniversary/Lauren's birthday. After getting home from downtown Chicago, Lauren got a text from Micah to feed the cat. In the cat's food bin was a clue that began a fun scavenger hunt throughout the apartment. Attached to each clue was a puzzle piece and something to bring along for the date (movie candy, gift certificates, clothes to wear, etc.) The puzzle pieces came together to form a romantic letter. After getting dressed up, Micah took Lauren to Quince Restaurant. He had booked a table in the kitchen for a 5 course meal - but because of a pipe leak from the complex above the restaurant, we had to eat in the main dining area. As a consolation, we got a table right next to a great big fireplace, special flowers on our table, and our meal was bumped up to 8 courses (1. carrot ravioli topped with a beet reduction, parsnip cream sauce, and lambic foam and carrot cake over roasted hazelnuts on the side. (it was 1 ravioli with a piece of carrot cake that was half an inch cubed in size) 2. Oyster Au Gratin (with a bunch of sauces on top that I can't remember) 3. Lobster over a yukon gold potato blini, topped with salmon and sturgeon caviar, herb cake, crab, and Kaffir lime. 4. Seabass topped with caesar salad with sides of garlic gnocchi, mushroom topped with quail egg, and anchovy wrapped lemon wedge. 5. Pouissin topped with fennnel, meyer lemon, sides of squash, mushroom and artichoke. 6. Short rib over orzo, topped with sunchoke, salsify, beet, spinach, pine nuts, shallot, and garlic. 7. Peppercorn ice cream cone plated with grahams over vanilla custard and lemon curd. 8. Chocolate Crêpes filled with dark chocolate, plated with white chocolate, toffee, and raspberry preserve.) Everything was in tiny portions but was delicious! It's a good thing we didn't have to pay the normal price for this meal ($110 per person!!!)
After our lovely dinner, we went to the movies and saw "Unknown." It was a decent flick with lots of action and mystery. We mostly just enjoyed the time together. It was a lovely evening to celebrate our 2nd year of marriage.

Lauren doing the scavenger hunt

All dressed up! We're a family :)

Quince Restaurant

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