27 April 2011

Baby Visits Minnesota

Tirzah went to MN for the first time. We took the Greyhound to Minneapolis (Tirzah was a trooper on the bus). We spent Saturday in Hudson and many of Lauren's family came over to meet Tirzah. For Easter, we went over to the Nystrom's house for some (seriously!) good eats. Besides the tasty treats, we enjoyed hanging out with family and passing Tirzah around. On Monday, we crazily drove around the Twin Cities meeting up with people: Micah's high school friend Ashley, Evelyn Gullickson (107 years old and she's still as sharp and witty as ever!), Micah's grandparents, Lauren's Aunt Brenda, Lydia, Micah's Aunt Pam, Camden, Tyler, Grandpa McLellan, Lauren's friend Natalie, and then for dinner at Old Chicago we ate with Jon and Katie Brown, Micah's family, Larysa, Luke and Ashton....and I think that's all...whew! Oh, wait, that evening some of us went over to Jacob and Kristen's place for dessert. It was a busy, but fun day! Tirzah had some ups and downs, but did well considering how crazy our schedule was! We left Tuesday morning on the bus to go home. Tirzah was great on the bus again (she sure proved the driver wrong – the grumpy driver made a mean comment about having a baby on board).

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