04 December 2009


Hello to our Family and Friends!
There are SIX more days until I am done with this semester! Thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement! I just finished all of my homework and papers for one of my classes. I have a BIG Greek exam on Wednesday night! PLEASE pray for me as I prepare for that - for retention of knowledge, to do well, and to finish strong! I also have a big project due for OT class as well (I'm going to do something on my trip to Israel). Please pray that I'm able to put together a solid presentation - and that I make enough time to do a good job on that! I also have an online class with a final next week. Please pray that I'm able to remember what I've learned so I can put into words a clear picture of what I have been taught!

Lauren is enjoying her job at the child care center. She has been having a tough week though. She had a fever for a day, a horrible cold all week, and has been getting a REALLY sore back as well (holding infants all day). Please pray for her recoveries and for added strength to continue to take care of these wonderful infants!

We thank the our Savior Jesus Christ who has provided for our daily needs and has taken care of us ONE day at a time! Financially speaking, we have been so thankful for our family and friends who have gathered around us with prayer and financial support. Thank you so much for the surprise cards of encouragement, wisdom, and the ability to go out on some fun dates! Lauren and I went out tonight to get some hot apple cider, a bite of cheesecake, and went for a walk around our neighborhood! We are so thankful for all of you back at home who are thinking about us and praying for us! We are doing the same for you as well!!

With all of that being said - I must continue on in my studies! Please feel free to call us though anytime! I love to take short phones breaks to talk to anyone who calls!


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