21 March 2010

Spring "Break"

Hello family and friends!
We are so sorry it has taken so long to update our blog! Please forgive us!
These past few weeks have been full of events over spring break (and even before), we could hardly have called this "spring break"!
Our slideshow below will hopefully help you see what we have been up to over the past several weeks.
The slideshow begins with Micah's volunteering at WorldVision before Moody's Service in the City. We also celebrated our friend Michael's birthday late last month. This was followed by Moody's annual Service in the City (also Lauren's birthday and our anniversary)! Micah co-led a group at Sonshine Gospel Ministry where we were able to reach out and interact with the local community. The next day Micah took Lauren downtown to celebrate her bday and anniversary. During spring break Micah was very busy at work as they prepared to help with Moody radio's (WMBI's) "Share 2010" event, where the radio needed to raise funds to support their ministry for this year. Micah and his co-workers went to Five Guys to hang out one day after work (of course Lauren came with)! After dinner we introduced them all to geocaching! It was so much fun!
Later that week we went with a couple of Micah's friends to see AVATAR in 3D at the IMAX! It was the very last show at the IMAX and was totally sold out! We had the best seats in the house though! Not only that, but there were 2 empty seats in the very middle that no one ever claimed (which was very odd)! We also only paid 8 bucks for parking (versus the normal 24 needed to park at Navy Pier)! CSF went on their spring break trip to PA, but stopped to visit us and spend the night going there and coming home. We were blessed to have breakfast with the group at an Algerian crepe place near the church! Check out the sweet pictures of some of those crepes!
With all of this going on, Micah has been doing a lot of studying for school, drilling with the Army (just last weekend at the 863rd), and volunteering at First Free, helping with their website. We are blessed to be so involved with our church, community, school, and life. We are also both looking forward to a real "break" sometime - hopefully the time between the end of school (sometime in May) and Micah's 42 days at CH-BOLC.
Thank you all once again for your prayers, kind letters, encouraging emails, random acts of kindness through surprise gifts, and for your loving support. We don't know where we would be if it wasn't for God giving us friends and family like you.
Love you guys a bunch!
- M&L

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  1. Wow sounds like you guys have been all go! I hope you can get an actual break soon.



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