18 April 2010

It's April...

and the month is already half over and we haven't blogged since March! Life is busy as always. Our school and work lives are the same - Micah enjoys work and school, but always has homework to do. Lauren enjoys her job but her classroom has gone through a change in numbers - babies left but now the classroom is full again.

We thought we'd purchased bus tickets for Easter, but an hour before the bus left, we realized that hadn't happened. The drive to Minnesota was relatively enjoyable though. :) We went home for Easter and spent most of our time with Micah's family.

We stopped at Lauren's grandparents' to say hi and see her family for a few hours. At Micah's parent's house, Micah's dad did a pinning ceremony and we celebrated Easter with Micah's dad's side of the family. We had fun spending time with our friends Jon & Katie and Micah's siblings.

On Easter, we went to Meadow Creek Church and had lunch at Sue and Norm's home (Micah's aunt and uncle). We had delicious food, participated in a fun egg hunt, and enjoyed spending time with family.

Micah has been doing a lot with the Army - this weekend was his first official training. He'll have lots to write about this weekend on the blog soon.

Micah will be done with school in about a month and is looking forward to the summer. Please pray that he will be diligent in his school work and finish the semester strong.


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  1. Ok so we totally wrote a comment already...not sure where it went. Anyway. Good to see you this weekend Micah! Hoepfully we can make it to visit soon!
    PS Feel better Lauren


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