09 March 2011

Johnson Grandparents Visit

On Saturday, Lauren's parents took the megabus to come visit us. On Sunday we went to church and then headed to Tammy and Mark's house in Wisconsin for lunch. We stayed until late in the evening and had fun chatting, playing with the dogs, and watching Youtube videos. On Monday we went to the Icosium Cafe for Algerian crepes. They were delicious! We went on a few errands and then hung out at home watching a movie and visiting. It was also bath night for Tirzah. On Tuesday we went to Ann Sather's for breakfast (can you tell we go there a lot? :) ) and checked out the Swedish History Museum right by our apartment. We walked in and it happened to be the one free day per month that the museum offers. We looked at an art exhibit and then an exhibit all about the immigration of Swedes to Chicago and the history of Swedes within Chicago. It was pretty interesting. That night we all made dinner together and watched a mini-series about Shackelton's adventures in Antarctica. This morning we Skyped with Lauren's grandma and then it was time to say farewell. We really enjoyed our time with our visitors and love watching them adore our daughter.

Here is a slideshow of our weekend (mostly shots of Tirzah) :)

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