16 March 2011

McLellan Family Visits

Micah's Mom, Jake and Kristen were on Spring Break, so they, Lydia, Charles and Micah's dad were able to come visit with us. The siblings couldn't stay long, but we had fun exploring downtown on Saturday - eating at Portillo's (it was crazy there because of St. Patrick's Day approaching) the Hershey store, American Girl store, and the old water tower. That night we all went swing dancing at our church. After the siblings left Sunday morning, we all went to church. We enjoyed eating out, watching movies, talking, adoring the baby, and just enjoying each other's company. On Monday, it was free to go to the Field Museum, so we went! Tirzah was great and slept most of the time. We got there just before it got really busy and enjoyed checking out the geological exhibit and discussing the evolution exhibit. And, of course, it was fun to see all the dinosaurs! Lauren and Dee really liked the gem/jewelry exhibit :) There was also a McDonald's on the bottom floor of the museum which was themed after an archeological dig. Cool!

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