24 October 2012

One Year Later...

So, it's officially been over a year since we last posted on our blog. That was right about the time Tirzah became mobile, and well, we've been rather busy since then.

Micah works full time and is a full time student. He is still a chaplain candidate in the Army Reserve, though is in the process of transfering to a different unit. He relinquished his post as president of student council at Moody to have more time at home. He began an internship with our church, First Free. He absolutely loves his job, his internship and work as a chaplain. He's not the biggest fan of school at the moment and is looking forward to completing his education to begin full-time ministry.

Lauren is a work at home mom, caring for Tirzah and nannying for a little boy. He is here for almost 10.5 hours a day, 5 days a week, so Lauren stays quite busy. She is still in school to finish her graduate degree and has only 2 classes left until graduation!

Tirzah is a happy, busy almost two-year-old (how did that happen?!?). She enjoys playing with baby dolls and helping mama clean. We're hoping this cleaning trend continues for years to come. She likes to climb and get as high as possible. She loves going outside and going on walks, but isn't a fan of the stroller. She wants to walk and doesn't get tired - she'll go for miles. She can read books and do puzzles for hours, but doesn't care for coloring (putting crayons in and out of the box is much more fun). She is quick to laugh and smile and is quite cuddly. We love her to pieces!

As far as the last year goes, we will recap it with pictures. Look for a giant photo album on our blog in the near future!

M, L, & T

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