24 October 2012

Pumpkins without the Patch

Last week Lauren's mom and Micah's grandma came to visit. On Saturday we all met up with Lauren's aunt and cousin at a pumpkin patch in the 'burbs. Tirzah was the most interested in people watching, and didn't notice the pumpkins.

It was probably better, as there wasn't much of a pumpkin patch but lots of carnival games and rides. As well as, uh...camel rides...? We all enjoyed the hay ride and some apple cider mini donuts.

Micah acquired some free cotton candy for us all. A little boy dropped his cotton candy on the grass, which apparently rendered it inedible. His dad bought him a new one and gave the old one back to be thrown away. Micah stepped in to rescue the cotton candy before it reached the garbage. :)

We had a fun time!

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