24 January 2011

"By Grapthar's hammer... what a savings"

January 24, 2011
Lauren and I were finally able to sleep in for the first time since school started! It was great! The furnace repair guy was also able to fix the heat so we were able to wake up to a semi-warm apartment. By the middle of the day we had to shut off another radiator valve because it was too warm! I spent a good portion of the day replying to emails (I still have about 100 left), calling my unit to wrap up some unfinished business, and doing homework. Later that evening I took Lauren out to see a triple feature for only $1! That’s right! The “Brew and View” at the Vic is a “bar”/theater where current movies are shown and people order in food from nearby community eateries! Lauren and I scored it big when we discovered we basically were the only people there for the first movie (Megamind)! Also showing was the Social Network and a third movie that we didn’t stay for! We ordered a pizza and got one free (go Monday night specials!) and paid almost nothing for a fantastic night at the movies!
I still feel WAY behind on correspondence (thank you letters, emails, etc) and homework, but I know that God will give me the time to do what I need to, as long as I look to Him first. As I write this I realize just how much time I’m not giving Him. Maybe I should stop now and make that effort eh? :)
(Later today…) – Lauren and I sold a dresser we had on CraigsList! The person who bought it was extremely excited to get it! We were blessed to bless someone else!
Still no heat in our apt….lol
We also uploaded our first test from our Flip online! Looks sweet!
M & L

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