29 January 2011

Welcome to the world!

Our beautiful daughter, Tirzah Eve, was born today at 2:23am! Weighing at 7lb, 4oz, she is just a bundle of joy! In case you don't know, Tirzah is the name found in Numbers 27, and is also the name of a beautiful city in Israel (Song of Songs 6:4)! Her name means "delightful" and Eve means "life" :)
Click Here for a link to a video compilation I put together! More stuff to come!

Lauren's family arrived early this morning, and was able to meet our dear Tirzah just a few hours after being born! Just a few hours later my brother Jacob and his dear wife Kristen arrived to greet our daughter as well!

Evanston Hospital has been just wonderful. The doctors and nurses have been very caring, supportive, and helpful. The food is really good here too! Lauren is recovering very well after labor, and was quite a trooper through the whole process. The nurses and doctors were impressed with her great attitude :)

Michael and Brittany came by later on to meet our dear one, and they brought COLDSTONE CUPCAKES! This means ice cream/cake-type/cookie-like cupcakes! Pretty much the best things ever! So we all hung out and caught up for a while! Thanks guys for coming!

My good friend Tyrome (from Moody) came to visit as well! Lauren's folks took us all out (except for Lauren of course) for dinner at a tasty Middle-Eastern place on Devon!

It was a long day and I'm ready to crash. Enjoy the videos I posted! Thanks to Doc Fuder and all of our friends and family who called us to check in! We are so blessed to be supported and encouraged by you!


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  1. Wow you guys are parents! crazy! Katie and I wish we could have been there to join in the celabration of Tirzah's arrival. We will have to come soon to visit!
    Congrats! So excited for you both!


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