08 January 2011

Visit to MN!

Our generous parents pooled their cash together and bought us plane tickets to come visit the first week in January. We got out of Chicago the evening of Lauren's last day of work and spent New Year's Eve hanging out with Micah's family eating lots of goodies.

The Sunday after New Year's, Danielle (Lauren's sis) threw her a baby shower. It was book themed, so guests brought a children's book in lieu of a card, we ate book and owl cupcakes, and played some games about children's books. It was a fun day! Lauren got lots of wonderful gifts - including homemade hoodie towels from Emma and an entire croqueted outfit from Grandma Johnson. Micah was allowed to join the women for opening gifts :)

We spent the next few days visiting friends and lounging around the Johnson house with Danielle. We went out for appetizers at Green Mill with some of Micah's family, Jon & Katie, and Jamey.

On Wednesday night, Micah and his dad had a bunch of guys over to watch Band of Brothers outside in the snow (they watched the winter episodes). The ladies stayed inside, wrapped in blankets, sipping hot chocolate, and watching a Jane Austen movie. Both sexes think they had the better time. :)

Lydia and Ariel put together a great shower on Thursday night - it had quite the turn out - more than 20 people! We played a few games, gabbed, and ate tasty food. Again, we were blessed by the generosity of friends and family. Ariel and Katie Brown made beautiful baby blankets and the Camplin clan pitched in to buy the baby a crib!

On Friday and Saturday all the McLellans got together to have a second (Russian) Christmas and exchange more gifts and good times. We ate well and enjoyed hanging out.

We were ready to go home on Saturday, but had a great time relaxing and hanging out with family and friends.

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