02 July 2011

“Beast” Day 6 – West Point

Today is Saturday! But...that doesn't mean we get a day off :)
I spent some more time integrating with my company, and preparing for chapel the next day. I also went back to the tailor to pick up my dress blues (ASUs). Guess what?! It was CLOSED! Despite being told to pick up my stuff between 4pm and 6pm, the gate was down at 4pm! So I had to find the general manager of the PX, and she made some phone calls. She ended up "breaking in" to the alterations (didn't have a key), but she couldn't find my uniform! So I went in the back (heart pounding) and FOUND it! Praise God it was completed! I was so thankful that I was able to get my uniform before chapel! I know other Soldiers were ticked too, because they needed to pick up stuff as well! I've had nothing but complications with this alterations place. But - in all fairness, I know they're busy, and it's a lot of work to keep the place going. So - bless God that it all worked out eh?! I haven't even paid yet for the alterations (I should go back soon and try to see what the deal is). That would be sweet if it ended up being free because of the trouble.

I also ordered a HUGE sheet cake for tomorrow's 4th of July party at CH (COL) Durham's house (attached to the Cadet Chapel). The CCs were told to bring dessert, so I thought it best to streamline that into one big cake.

Check out the picture of Tirzah with Auntie Danielle :) Super cute!

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