04 July 2011

“Beast” Day 8 – West Point

Happy Fourth of July!
Thank you so much for your continued prayers for the New Cadets, as well as the Chaplains and Candidates here at Beast. We have been asking God for continued ministry opportunities, and He has surely given them to us. This morning, CH (CC) Hurst and I went to Keller Hospital on post to visit the two injured New Cadets. It felt a little like a ghost town at the hospital, because there are only a few people there today. It was a blessing to minister and pray with these two NCs. It was also encouraging to us to see their high spirits and motivation to get back on their feet. As we were leaving, the nurse directed us to two other Cadets from Camp Buckner. One is an ROTC Cadet, while the other is a West Point Yearling. Both of these Cadets were also in high spirits – one is involved with OCF (Officer Christian Fellowship). It was a privilege to pray with these young Cadets as they continue in their education and careers as future Officers.
Next, we picked up CH (CC) Mortensen (Ryan), and drove over to the transient barracks, where three NCs are in the process of being out-processed for various reasons. Please pray for these NCs as well, as they possibly pursue other avenues for their education and leadership development.
As we were heading back to our POV, CH Hurst initiated a conversation with some civilians that were heading over to Trophy Point to set up their spot for the evening celebration. We helped them transport their items, and made several fun connections. One couple has connections with Saipan, where Ryan has been living. Another couple has roots near CH Hurst, while all of them seem to be some wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ! What a wonderful connection we made this afternoon! We were also invited to come back later this week to their place for dinner! God is good! He certainly had our day planned out for us!
As of now, I am trying to catch up on this blog, before heading back out to the transient barracks with Ryan. After that the CCs will be fellowshipping with the Mooney’s off post at their hotel (swimming and pizza), then attending a special celebration for the Chaplains at the Cadet Chapel for dessert. Our sheet cake is still holding up and looks great! Can’t wait to taste it! Check out pics and videos below!

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