03 July 2011

“Beast” Day 7 – West Point

It was a cloudy morning. We (the CCs) arrived to Trophy Point to begin set-up, only to realize that the bleachers that we had previously separated had been put back together! So we had a little bit of extra work to do (and in our Class Bs at that)! This ended up as a futile endeavor (though we completed our task), as the Lord decided to send rain this morning. This meant that we had to move our equipment to the Robinson Auditorium at Thayer Hall instead. This wasn’t a big issue, but we had to ensure that our companies were aware of the location change asap.
The service went very well. CH (COL ) Durham gave the message, and many of us were able to participate in some way during the service. Towards the end, the New Cadets (and Cadre) were given the option to come forward for communion and prayer. It was an overwhelming blessing to pray individually for each NC who came forward. This was certainly the highlight of my week. Please remember to keep these young men and women in your prayers as well. This is a very big transition and culture shock to these NCs – as different as day is to night.
After service, we went up to the Cadet Chapel to prepare for the next service. The service at Cadet Chapel is a little more formal and liturgical, and is usually attended by regular West Point residents and family members of Soldiers. I was blessed to participate in the benediction of this service, which required me to sit up front for the duration of the service. The cadet chapel is absolutely stunning. The organ is the LARGEST organ in the world in a church setting (I think I mentioned that before). But the most beautiful part of this chapel is the people within its walls. It was a joy and privilege to speak with one of the women of the church about her memories from years past. I learned that the writers of “Jesus Loves Me” had a ministry presence here as well, and were buried at West Point (as I mentioned in a previous post).
After chapel came a short break back to our quarters, as we regrouped our thoughts. I swung by the commissary to pick up a large sheet cake I had ordered for the Fourth of July celebration tomorrow. The bakery chef had fun with the cake, since I told her to use her creative freedom when making it! (Check out the pictures below!) The cake is so big it wouldn’t even fit in my fridge! So I currently have the A/C on a higher setting in my room, in order to keep it stable for tomorrow’s celebration.
Early this evening, I went out to find my company and to check in on them. They are staying up all night in the field! I wanted to stay with them tonight, but I won’t get any gear issued to me until after the 4th. I used this time though to meet the three Orthodox Christians in my company, who didn’t get the chance to worship today. After several phone calls, it sounds like there was a communication disconnect as to which chapel they were to attend this morning. So I promised our New Cadets that I would ensure they would be taken to the appropriate chapel next week. We prayed together, and I was able to give them some words of encouragement. One of these NCs was sick, so I’m praying that he’ll feel better by tomorrow morning.
After this, I met up w/ Ryan (CC of Bravo company), and took him to meet up w/ his company up at the ski slope. It was getting dark now, and we saw deer while driving (almost within petting distance)! We were able to spend some time with the NCs of his company, spending a majority of our time with a NC who was suffering from a broken foot. We prayed with her, and stayed with her until the cadre was able to help her find a place to stay in the field for the night. God is GOOD! He certainly gave us many opportunities to be with our companies today, and to pray with our New Cadets and Cadre. I am certainly looking forward to another full day tomorrow! Keep bringing it!
- Micah

First time in my Class Bs

our bakery chef!

Fridge Door Fit?! Really?!

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