01 September 2009

GOOD NEWS! (Jesus is coming soon!)

Lauren and Micah were blessed, surprised, and ecstatic to get a call from Mom McLellan today to tell them she and Dad McLellan were flying us home for labor day weekend! Thanks guys! We love you! That's right folks, we'll be in good ole MN this weekend. Which means we get to see family and friends AND go to the STATE FAIR!

Also, Lauren got a call from a nanny agency saying they found a family that wants to interview her. The interview is already tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6pm. She'd be taking care of a 5 mo. old baby girl and getting paid quite well to do it. Please be praying that the interview would go well and that it would be a good fit for Lauren and the family.

The only "bummer" part of the day (if you can even define it as such): Micah came home happily after a hard day's work to tell Lauren he had dinner plans all figured out. A restaurant down the street was giving out free gyros!!! When we got to Mangi's (the restaurant) they were out of gyros! Not so bad in the scheme of things, but we're determined to get those free gyros someday!

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  1. Ok - a trip home, a possible job, I don't think the gyros were ment to be! Mom


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