14 September 2009

Long time no post!

Sorry to those waiting to read an update on the blog - just haven't gotten around to writing.

Last weekend was so much fun getting to see family. On Friday we hung out with the McLellan clan - we had a great time at the Olive Garden celebrating Grandpa Mc's birthday. On Saturday we met up with Lauren's parents and Danielle. We went to the Como Zoo, ate at Annie's Parlor, and checked out the new Gopher stadium. After church on Sunday we had fun with Micah's cousins at the MN state fair! We all got a fan of Joe Mauer's face and took the traditional calendar photo with each of us holding a fan. Micah ate Joe's head while Lauren picked Joe's nose.

We were sad to leave home, but look forward to our next trip to MN.

This week was pretty chill - Micah attending class and doing homework, Lauren waiting to hear back about her interview and trying to find things to keep her busy.

This weekend we went on a retreat up by Lake Geneva. It is required for Moody Graduate students most semesters and students are encouraged to bring their families. It was great getting to know some other Moody students and their spouses. Micah was glad to have some time to relax since he's been so busy with school work and work work.

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