23 September 2009

Greek Exam Over! Fun this coming weekend!

Greetings friends! Micah here! I JUST finished my Greek exam (I'm still in class actually as I write this)! Thank you so much for your prayers! I think it went pretty well - though I'm pretty sure I got at least one question wrong (woops)!

Aside from that - school work is heavy but manageable (as long as Lauren keeps me on task)!

Our parents are all coming down this weekend to hang out! We're super excited! The guys will hit up the Northwestern/Gopher game this weekend to see the Gophers play some winning, Minnesota action! Take that Northwestern!

God is really good! This coming Friday night Micah will have the opportunity to spend some time in Boystown, a GBLT community. He will be there with several other Moody students and staff, listening, befriending, and sharing the love of Christ! Please keep this team in your prayers!
On another note, Micah's laptop is crashing left and right, and the battery no longer charges. We don't have money for a new netbook, but we are praying that God will provide someday (maybe cheap on Black Friday?!) :)

Love always!

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