18 September 2009

A pleasant weekend

Hey all!
Micah here! Well it's been a crazy (but in a good way) week! I have been super busy with school, work, homework, learning, cramming information into my brain, transferring it to my heart, and learning how to apply it through my life and actions! Woah! This weekend has finally settled down a bit, and now Lauren and I can spend some quality time together (while I still find time to do a bunch of homework and studying)!
Lauren is doing well! She is still on the job hunt (prayer is needed), but she is enjoying her amazing culinary skills and putting them to action every day, (and I enjoy reaping the benefits of that)! She is part of the Student Wives Fellowship group at Moody that meets every Thursday evening (the same time I have class)! So it works out really well!
I have a big Greek exam on Wednesday evening, so please pray for me as I study! Several papers and projects are due as well this next week! But God is good and faithful and through our trust in Him we will find the time to accomplish what we must to be fruitful and alive for Jesus!

Warm blessings!

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