26 January 2010

at a loss...

Well we didn't end up going to see Owl City. The drive was too long for Lauren and we would have gotten back home too late at night in order to get ample rest for the following work day. So, to make up for missing (an amazing) concert, Micah dragged Lauren to BWW to meet some friends from church to watch the Vikings least the food was good (and we got home at a decent time for Lauren to get enough rest)!
Today though, Micah's co-worker Carissa assured him that missing Owl City may have saved his very life (though it's hard to explain in words just how it made sense)! So that was some cheery news for today! In other good news, I (Micah) was able to talk with a couple other military students at Moody today. It was encouraging to hear their stories and how God has called them into the ministry as well.
I had Doc Fuder for my Evangelism class tonight which was refreshing, encouraging, and most of all, motivating. I am most guilty for not having a constant aching to reach the lost, yet that is what God wants from us - a constant longing and desire to share His message of salvation with those who are lost and facing death (of the eternal sort).
He read from "Jesus With Dirty Feet" and this really got my heart stirring as I longed to share who Jesus was with my fellow neighbors (whom I have never met). You can get the book on Amazon for only a penny - so I encourage you to check it out!

Well - back to studying Greek!

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