10 January 2010

Sunny Sunday

Micah ended up putting in 15 hours of work yesterday! But Lauren was busy too - cooking up a storm! She is usually pretty tuckered out at the end of a work day - so she's usually not too thrilled about having to make dinner on those nights. So she made lasagna, a pot roast, a big ol pot of chicken tortilla soup, and banana bread all yesterday. Now Micah gets to reap a major benefit of having a wife - lots of home-cooking!

After the service and chatting with friends at church, Micah and I are lounging at home and trying to get ourselves to do some homework. Micah doesn't have class til Tuesday, but has to review some Greek. There is no review of the old stuff in his next Greek class, so he has to make sure he's up to date on all the vocab.

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