24 January 2010

School Changes

Micah has a lighter class load this semester with 9 credits. He originally had 12 this semester, but quickly realized that he didn't want to go through all the stress of last semester - having 3 classes PLUS Greek which took a lot of time and studying.
Lauren's further education is on hold for now - she completed some school work, but found out that the original information she received about her major was incorrect. To complete her degree she would have to take a semester long course on-campus at the school which is a 4 hour drive away - it was all supposed to be online. Lauren is in high spirits about it though - she's just putting pursuit of her master's degree off until the right school/program comes along.

We had a good work/school week - busy but good. Lauren is getting used to caring for 7 babies and Micah is staying on top of his homework really well. On Saturday we helped some friends from church move to a new apartment. It was only two blocks from their old apartment, but it took a couple 14-passenger van loads worth of stuff to get it done. It was fun overall, but we're very glad our apartment is on the first floor (theirs were on the 3rd and 2nd.)

Micah has made friends with a Korean international student, Myung, who is also pursuing his M.Div at Moody. He invited us to his house for a traditional Korean meal with his wife and two daughters on Saturday night. The food was delicious! And his daughters (ages 1 and 3) are adorable, friendly and quickly latched onto us. We had fun playing and reading with them.

Today we went to church and did some grocery shopping. We went to a Mexican market and the produce and meat were super cheap! Later today we are going to an Owl City concert in Indiana. Should be fun! We'll have photos of the concert to post I'm sure!!!



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