27 January 2010


Today Micah won $100!!!
A while back I (Micah) received an email from Moody asking for ideas on what to call Moody's upcoming summer program that invites students (I think from high school) from around the area to study at Moody for the summer. The winning entry ended up being mine! When I got the email saying that I had one, I couldn't even remember what I had suggested (I think Lauren actually suggested it to me but I don't remember)!
I went up to the office to turn in some paperwork and asked them what the winning title was....get this....
"Moody Summer Studies" :) Simple, sweet, and to the point! Just the way it should be! I was debating between that and "Jesus is awesome, come study at Moody for the summer" but I guess they preferred the former suggestion over the latter!

Well - that's all for now! God is GOOD (His love endures forever)!

- M&L

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