13 February 2010

Army of ONE

Just two days ago Micah received his "Oath of Office" form!! This was the last piece of material we have been waiting for in order to be sworn in. (Apparently Congress had to approve him after the Army Board so that was why we have been waiting these past few months).
Now we are making tentative plans to go to Minnesota next weekend for his swearing-in ceremony at the Armory located at the University of Minnesota. From that point he will be considered a 2L (2nd Lieutenant, and should receive his first orders and his assigned unit within two weeks of taking his oath.
God has been faithful to us and this ministry opportunity may open many more doors to serve our Savior through the opportunities that the Army can offer. Please keep Micah in your prayers as he is currently overwhelmed with homework (more than last semester) and is doing his very best to stay on top of things.

Please also pray for Lauren, as she continues to work full time at Little Green Tree House. She has been loving her job and has loved taking care of the infants in her room. The infants are adorable and the parents are incredibly caring individuals. Please pray that God continues to give Lauren the rest and energy needed in order to most effectively nurture and care for "her" infants on a daily basis (as she has been doing so well)!

Pray also that both both of us continue to seek after God's own heart, and that our lives continue to be transformed into the character of our Messiah.

Love and blessings,
ps. We were also both blessed to spend time at Moody on Thursday evening for a Valentine's dinner sponsored by the Student Wives Fellowship. We got all dressed up, hung out with some friends of ours, listened to a good speaker (a couple actually), and ate a lot of good food!!

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