28 February 2010

Faith Works

 Some sermon notes from Pastor Bill, found on some notes I saved (writing this 10 years later, on 2020.09.25!)

Faith Works Series

New Life in Christ; Bill Shereos, Senior Pastor; Feb 28, 2010


I. Cleansed Life - 1 Peter 3:21

II. Romans 6:3-4
- Blank ink stain on shirt - everyone has a dirty shirt, even the person next to you
- The Kingdom of God is NOW! You want to go to heaven?! Go today! Allow the Holy Spirit to live His life through you! Baptism is a picture of this life.

III. 1 Corinthians 12:13
A. A Connected Life!

We are all connected to one another - we need all the gifts to do the ministry of First Free

IV. Renewed Life - Committed
Immerse yourself in it! God really comes through

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