22 February 2010

Oath of Office

Micah's is officially a 2nd Lt./"Chaplain Candidate" in the U.S. Army. We took the Megabus to MN where Micah's parents picked us up and drove us home for breakfast. We napped, Micah got a military haircut and had Lauren's bi-annual ring inspection done at the Jeweler's. We met Lauren's parents and Micah's family at the Armory on the University of Minnesota campus. Micah's friends from his trip Israel, Ken and Barb, also came to see him take his oath of office. Major Boisen administered the oath and Micah signed the dotted line. He's technically a 2nd Lt. but it will be official when he gets his orders in a few weeks.

After the oath, we all drove back to the McLellan house for lunch. The grandparents, Aunt Sue, baby Madeleine, and our friends Jon and Katie all came to celebrate too! Besides Micah's oath, they were there to celebrate Lauren's birthday, our 1st anniversary, and Ariel's birthday. Our cake topper had been frozen all year, so it was thawed and we all ate it - it still tasted great!

That evening we got right back on the bus for home - we needed Sunday to recover from missing sleep on the bus. We had a great day in MN and loved seeing our dear family and friends.

Love & Blessings,

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