08 February 2010

Week update

This week was fun but busy! Work and school went smoothly.

Lauren's parents and sister flew to visit us on Thursday morning! They went with Micah to visit Lauren on her lunch break. They had lunch together and then all went to Lauren's work to see the babies. They stuck around to play with the babies for a while and headed to Moody for "Founder's Week." There they listened to one of Micah's professors, Walt McCord, speak.

That evening they all went to the Art Institute of Chicago. The institute was HUGE and had amazing artwork to see. Lots of famous paintings were there that we'd only seen in books - a very cool experience. The institute has a large collection of Monet and Renoir, famous American artwork, and some amazing ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian art. (Lauren is a big fan of the board game "Masterpiece" and got very excited every time she saw a painting from the game.) The month of February is free admission, so we may go back to see more. We probably saw only a fifth of everything there!
After all that art, we went to a pizza place in south Chicago - Homerun Inn - delicious stuff!

Friday was a laid back day - everyone made dinner together and headed to Moody to see a "Founder's Week" speaker - Dr. David Jeremiah. He had a powerful message to tell.
We later walked to Portillo's for Chicago hot dogs and "chocolate cake shakes." If you haven't had a chocolate cake shake in Chicago, you are missing out!

Saturday we all walked around the Wrigleyville neighborhood checking out a few shops. We visited at the apartment for a while and watched the film "Radio." In the early evening, Micah and Lauren had to say goodbye already. We drove Erick, Cindy, and Danielle to the airport and they flew safely home.

On Sunday we went to Church and to a church meeting (there was Jimmy John's for lunch - we won't say no to church meetings from now on :) ). We learned a lot about the church, it's past, and it's goals for the future. God has blessed us with an awesome church to attend and we hope to get more involved soon. Membership classes are coming up and we want to begin the membership process. In the afternoon we lounged around and half-heartily watched the super bowl.

God Bless!

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