29 June 2011

“Beast” Day 3 – West Point

The morning couldn’t come soon enough! I was stoked to continue my in-processing, to get to know my fellow CCs better, and to get out there and meet the New Cadets (NCs). We met in the morning, and took an informal tour of parts of West Point. We started at the Cadet Chapel (see video and pictures below).
We toured some of the campus, including the newer West Point library (my favorite building on campus besides the Cadet Chapel).
We also were able to eat inside the mess hall for lunch. You wouldn't normally think much of a mess hall, but this one was full of history, rich in stories, and absolutely beautiful. Each mural, stained glass window, and flag has a story to tell.
Because there are nine CCs and 8 companies of New Cadets, each one of us was assigned a company, with on CC acting as a floater between the New Cadets, Camp Buckner (with the Yearlings), and Air Assault School possibly. I was assigned to the Alpha Company. We're the 1st Cavalry (First Team!). I don't want to be biased here...but we are definitely high speed! We were also all assigned a supervisory chaplain. I report to CH Kumai, one of the Catholic chaplains on post. CH Berghaus remains our overarching supervisory chaplain for all meetings, events, and services however.

In the evening, some of us attending a suicide briefing, given by CH Bergaus to the NCs. We passed out information, and was able to witness another tool/presentation that chaplains use for this awareness briefing. This was one of the better suicide prevention briefings that I've seen so far IMHO. I'll have to add this to my collection.
Looking forward to another big day tomorrow!

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