26 June 2011

Driving to West Point (part 2)

Today, I attended Mass with the Hocevar’s in downtown Cleveland. It was a treat to be introduced to a very historical and godly church in the heart of the city. After Mass, the Hocevar’s took me to lunch at Frank Sterle’s (my great-grandmother’s Slovenian maiden name)! The food was FANTASTIC!

If that wasn’t good enough, I had LEFTOVERS to take with me on the second leg of the road trip to West Point! I was so blessed to have this opportunity to spend with my friends on my journey to West Point! This brings me back on track: after lunch, I had to say goodbye to my dear friends.
To my delightful surprise, Barb packed me dinner in my portable cooler. Included inside was fruit, leftovers from lunch, and…wait for it…a LOAF of POTICA! I <3 you guys! I will be cherishing this loaf (for as long as I can make it last)! The drive to West Point, NY was smooth, with no problems. The A/C in my car is broken…but that’s no problem for me. It’s more of an issue for Lauren and Tirzah on long car rides. I arrived to West Point around 10:30pm. The post was incredibly dark and lacking street illumination. I couldn't see much at all while driving around. I finally found an entrance to Post, asked for directions to my quarters, and proceeded with caution, since my headlights were the only source of light. After driving for what seemed like forever, I found an MP (military police) officer and asked for further directions. He escorted me to my quarters (thank God), but then realized that I had to check-in to my quarters in a building OFF-POST first! So he gladly escorted me there as well. Praise God for a friendly escort! It was pretty easy after that. I was able to plug everything into my GPS so I wouldn’t get lost again. I’m looking forward to my first day on duty in the morning! Oh…I was warned about bears on post. Apparently a bear cub or two was spotted just the day before near my quarters! Sweet! I wonder what other wildlife I’ll see here?!

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