30 June 2011

“Beast” Day 4 – West Point

I was formally introduced to the TAC in my company today. They're a great group of cadets - mostly third-year Cadets leading the NCs (we call the 3rd year cadets "cows").
I also met w/ CH Kumai, got some great pointers on where and how to minister at West Point, and set up a meeting time twice a week (Tue/Thur) to keep him updated on how things are going.

The CC team took a tour of the Cadet Chapel, and then the West Point cemetery in the late morning. See the photos I took - one of Anna Warner's marker, as well as GEN Custer's.
Some history about the Cadet Chapel:
It was completed in 1910, but beginning of 1910(through 1976), each graduating class would donated a pane of stained glass for the windows. The price ($300 for the pane) never changed from the distributor as the years went on (which was a ministry in itself on their behalf). Can you imagine the cost of those windows now?! This church boasts the largest church pipe organ in the WORLD as well!

Visiting the barracks in the evening will become a routine for some of us I think. There is a small slot of white space before taps, where we can talk to the NCs before they go to bed. We have also been using this time to check in with the cadet counselor, and the rest of the TAC as well.

So the CCs here will be functioning like a BN CH during this practicum. I learned today that there are 10 Chaplains on post. We also have a civilian brigade/installation chaplain as well (Father Wood). Each has a specific role and duty on post.

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