08 November 2012

Daddy Daughter Tradition

Micah and Tirzah have developed a routine date-night every evening (no exceptions), where they frequent the local (organic/natural) grocery store behind our apartment. Tirzah has learned the routine:
As they enter the outer doors of the store, Tirzah holds out her hands and asks daddy for money (it's really cute). Micah hands her 50 cents (maybe a dollar at times) and Tirzah will take the money in one hand, then run to the fruit section of the store where she throws her little hand in the kiwi basket and takes the first one she touches. She then proceeds to the check-out area where daddy lifts her on top of the check-out counter for her to finish the process. She then hands the money to the cashier (who in turn always says something complementary to her) and then waits for any change.

It's quite a lovely sight! Lauren didn't fully believe this process until she saw it with her own eyes just yesterday. Tirzah knows exactly what to do, and leads the way! This is a great way to give mommy a few minutes of alone time in the evening after dinner to relax and kick-back. Sometimes Micah will take Tirzah to the park afterwards, or to the wooden horse across the street (see picture below)!
Of course, there is also an added bonus to these date nights. Every time Micah and Tirzah purchase something from our local grocery he uses an app which accumulates points, thus allowing him to redeem them every 12 days for a $10 gift card. In the end we end up MAKING $ (even after their daily purchases since kiwis are cheap) and we have an abundance of kiwis to eat! We then use the gift cards to buy Tirzah's whole milk there (the best stuff we've ever tasted)! It's a win-win-win situation!! 

Win win win
-M, L & T :)

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