23 November 2012

Trip to Maui Day 10

Today was a fun but bittersweet day. You see, today was Danielle's and Scott's last day with us. They both have to return to work (ie "reality") on Monday :(
Scott and I planned out the day in order to make the most of our time. We all awoke early and walked to a coffee shop for coffee and pastries. We then rented a couple boogie boards and went back to our place to snorkel right outside our backyard. We swam quite a distance out and....saw.....BIG......TURTLES!!!!
We brought a waterproof camera and I hope to get those photos developed once we use the whole roll. WOW were those turtles big! It was crazy to be swimming out there and then suddenly seeing these huge creatures swimming with us!

After a fun excursion of snorkeling and seeing turtles we drove to a local fish market to buy some fresh mahi mahi that Scott and Dani turned into an exquisite meal (see pics)!

We then started the process of packing up and moving to a new condo in Kihei (Garden Estates) since Danielle and Scott will not be with us after today. The moving process was pretty easy and we got ourselves moved in without any trouble.

The new place is amazing! We have a BEAUTIFUL view of the ocean, and the actual condo is very well-kept. We spent an extended amount of time walking the beach here, collecting shells and coral, and watching the para-surfers (looks like a TON of fun)!

As the sunset started getting closer we decided to eat-out at Cafe O'lei again at the Dunes and enjoy the sunset over the mountains and golf course. It was Lauren's first time here and we had a great time eating another wonderful meal!

The time finally game to say goodbye to Dani and Scott and we dropped them off at the airport and downsized our van to a smaller vehicle. It will be a different atmosphere now with two-less people :(

Enjoy the pics!
- M&L

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