25 November 2012

Trip to Maui Day 12

We decided to visit Calvary Chapel again this morning, and I'm glad we did, because we saw a couple there (Pat and Judy) that we met last week at our previous condo. We hung out for a while after church and shared stories. They live in Alaska and own a place here in Maui.

After church, Lauren and I went to visit the Maui Mountain farm, run by Bobby the owner. She was very friendly and spent over an hour showing us her property, her fruit trees, flowers, and coffee trees. She also shared with us her passion of conserving some endangered birds here in Maui. We were so thrilled to have this personal tour and purchased some homegrown coffee from her as well. Thanks again Bobby! We hope to visit again someday!

Soon after this personal tour, Lauren and I drove a short distance to Waihou Spring Forest Reserve and walked around for a couple hours. We felt like we stepped into a totally different part of the country, as we were suddenly surrounded by tall Redwoods and...chickens. It felt like something you would see in northern MN but without the random chickens running around! We ventured down a trail to see some caves/lava tubes which were really interesting! But we realized we were going to lose the sun soon so we ventured back to the car and made the trip home.

FUN day!

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