17 November 2012

Trip to Maui Day 4

This was an interesting day:

I think I started by waking up on the wrong side of the bed (maybe just partially). I was told by my beautiful wife that whenever I wake up (which is usually around 6 or 7) that I end up waking her up as well, thus taking away her much needed (and required) sleep (9+ hours/night). So I felt bad and now feel like sleeping on the futon from now on until she can "catch up" on her sleep :) So I guess we'll see...

We had another wonderful breakfast - oatmeal and omelettes!
The family took a LONG time to plan what they wanted to do today. I partially blame myself for not having some backup ideas, but they were discarded anyway when I made a few suggestions :)

We ended up deciding to drive up the west side of Maui to visit the "needle" - also known as "Kuka'moku". Thanks to a suggestion from a church friend of ours (Del!) we decided to give it a try! We actually had a great time there, seeing a lot of plants, mountains, and hiking a bit (see pics)!

After this hike we decided to check out another hiking location. I became the designated driver to this location. The problem is, no one knew where the actually trail was so we were driving without any map or idea of where to go! We ended up continuing around the west side, which meant driving around single lane, hair-pin turns around the mountain. This was quite the experience. Although I drove well within the speed limit (15 mph or less) I guess I freaked out the rest of the family as I drove around the mountain :) So after a couple hours and only getting LESS than halfway to the next major city, we took a "break" so someone else could drive :) We ended up back near the town we were at yesterday afternoon. We walked around a bit before heading back home.
When we got home I found the map and realized there was a LOT we could have stopped to see along our route today....oh well :(

So - that's pretty much it for today. Enjoy the pics!



  1. weird! I tried it again - does it work now? :) Thank you SO much for your tips! They have been incredibly helpful!


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