14 November 2012

Trip to Maui Day 1

For those who don't know, we (M&L) were offered a FREE trip to Maui, Hawaii, compliments of saved airline miles by Lauren's parents! Here's a short synopsis: Years ago, Lauren's parents had a dream of taking their two girls with them to Hawaii someday with their airline miles. Fast forward several years and many airline miles later, and a new addition to the family (myself)! Now, with the rising cost of flights, coupled with increasing points for longer flights, they decided that they needed to cash-in their miles. Nine months ago they booked a two-week trip with the whole family, and here we are today! Even though Lauren and I both have homework while we're gone, we have had an amazing time enjoying the weather and the company of family thus far. Our first day was a long one - we left late Tuesday night for MN (via car) and dropped off our daughter with my (Micah's) mom (thanks Mom!!). She offered to watch Tirzah for the entire duration of the trip! What a blessing! The next morning we woke up early, went over any last-minute details for Tirzah's care, then made our way to the airport, after stopping a couple times for snacks and purchasing a bladder for Lauren's Camelbak @ REI in Roseville. We arrived at the airport and was invited by a stranger to the Delta Sky Club while we awaited our flight. This gentleman was really friendly and we were blessed to have the opportunity to relax in a wonderful environment with complimentary services. The flight itself was pretty uneventful. We flew via Alaska Airlines to Seattle, waited in the USO for a few hours playing games and eating snacks, then took the 5 hour flight to Hawaii @ the island of Maui. After arriving late at night we picked up a rental van, then proceeded to the condo that Lauren's parents had rented. We unpacked and crashed, and I realized we were on a crazy time difference compared to back at home. This is going to make my homework deadlines interesting! Enjoy the photos below of our packing and arrival, and also of Tirzah back at home!

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