04 September 2010

Alisha's wedding and more!

I woke up early this morning and went over to CSF to help with the big international student furniture give-away! It was great to see a lot of old friends and make new ones!
I also spent some time with Janet next door as well. She misses the relationships that she used to have with CSF - so it was nice to catch up and rekindle our friendship. She showed me a bunch of handmade cards that she has been making with her church, and she also showed me her chair that I gave her - she had it reupholstered! Before I left, she let me pray for her as well. It was wonderful to see her again (and her cat Ziggy)!

Meanwhile - Lauren has been getting ready for her friend Alisha's wedding. Check out the fine pics of my beautiful bride! The pastor that married Alisha was really neat! A very godly man, who studied at NWC, is originally a pastor from Africa, and is ministering here in the Hudson area now. It was really neat to meet him and learn his story (Pastor Jacob Oreso)!

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