15 September 2010

A day of blessing and worship

We had branch devotions this morning at Moody. I enjoy the time when our neighbor floors (Treasury/Operations; Donor Resources, etc.) get together to read God's Word and listen to others share their life stories.

I had a StuCo meeting as well this morning. Our team is full of bright ideas and visions. I would dare to say we have one of the most visionary student council groups that Moody has seen in a while! That being said, we still have a ways to go before we can focus our thoughts and agendas into having a coherent and manageable meeting. No worries though, as our StuCo Pres (Jason) - our fearless leader is on top of it!

After StuCo we had our grad school chapel, which ended up being a "worship" (music) and prayer chapel. I enjoyed the small groups, praying with students and professors together - praying for our school, the city of Chicago, and our nation - also thanking God for His glorious attributes and loving-kindness.

The rest of work went well - and Tyrome and I are planning a day to go skydiving! Maybe this weekend?!

I would like to share this video that I saw today - I love Rich's old song, and the tribute that Brandon Heath and Third Day produced. Enjoy!
- Micah
ps. be sure to click and view the video in HD! When you click play, click where it says "240" in the lower right corner and make it say "720"! BIG difference!

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