10 September 2010

Ft. McCoy Day 1

It's a Friday...the first of three days I will be training with my unit (the 863rd) up at Ft. McCoy. This is their semiannual weapons qualification that keeps them acclimated on using their weapons. Because we are the rear det, many of these Soldiers are back-up in case they need to replace someone that is deploying - so it is essential that our Soldiers stay in top-notch with the accuracy of their weapons.
We met at 0700 at Darien and took two buses up to Ft. McCoy, WI. The trip wasn't as long as the last time, though I was scarred for life by a movie they played. I'm not even going to tell you the title because it may scar someone else. All I have to say is, next time there won't be a next time because I will be vetoing anything like that again (which might upset many, but...that's life). Thank God we didn't get through the whole movie, but I'm sure the plot would have only gotten worse.
We arrived with the whole afternoon to get the Soldiers out on the field to zero their weapons. This means that the Soldiers have a chance to align their sights by firing a few rounds. They need to do this in order to have accurate shots during the actual weapons qualification segment. Believe it or not, a few Soldiers were able to both zero AND qualify today! CPT Jacobs said he has never seen that before! Sweet!
I met a unit from our brigade from Ft. Snelling, MN! Who knows! I might actually be transferred there one day! I met and spent some time with the new LTC there - LTC Banks! Great guy! A little intimidated by the cold of MN, but he'll only be there a couple years! His Soldiers really respect and admire him (as do I). I also met the CSM (Command Sergeant Major). I forget her last name (probably a good thing), but very "on top of things" and a "go-to" NCO. She always had a plan and backup plan. She also carried around a PVC pipe...and told me I needed a haircut (not afraid to approach the officers obviously)! My hair was JUST starting to touch the top of my I promised to get one the next day!
All in all - a great day! I had a LOT of time to meet and spend time with the Soldiers - that was the best part! OK - now enjoy this video made by a friend from CH-BOLC. The imitations are hilarious - but they won't make sense if you weren't at CH-BOLC with me! CH Jenkins could relate because almost all of the Cadre were there when she was there last year!
After clicking play, be sure to click on the numbers in the lower right hand corner and increase the resolution to HD (720)!

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