03 September 2010

First day back in MN/WI!

Well we finally arrived to Hudson late last night! I crashed in bed with my clothes still on and was out in seconds!
I woke up refreshed and ready to go! We had a nice breakfast with Lauren's family, hung out for a while in Hudson, then Cindy made an appointment for me to visit Dr. Fabel - our family dentist. I had this tooth fragment that was growing through my gum and jutting into my tongue. I think it was left over from my wisdom tooth extraction a few months back. He was excited to see Lauren and me, so we left to go see him! It was fun to catch up with him and he extracted this fragment for FREE! Oh man that was such a blessing! He is really an amazing dentist!
After that, we met up with Lydia and Ariel and visited the new Library near Lydia's apartment in Roseville! We had coffee at Dunn Bros, then went over to surprise Dad at the Olive Garden, where my side of the family was meeting to celebrate an early birthday dinner with my grandpa. They weren't expecting to see us - so it was fun to stop and say hi!

Lauren and I then went back to Hudson to spend time with her family. We went to Culvers, got some ice cream, then relaxed for the evening. I pretty much crashed once again!

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