23 September 2010

ULTRA sound!

Lauren is about 22 weeks along, and had her "last" ultrasound this afternoon after work! The baby looks great, has a healthy spine, brain, heart, and all fingers and toes are there, and the technician was pleased with everything she saw!
Of course, we asked not to disclose the gender to us, so the mystery continues!
We thank you for your continued prayers and support. Your emails, phone calls, and snail-mail letters of encouragement are continued blessings to us both! The Lord is faithful and has continued to give us energy when we were low, and has financially provided for us (giving us wisdom to balance our budget), despite our meager income!
We love you all and thank you once again for your prayers and support!
ps. check back later today, we'll have a couple pics posted from the ultrasound!

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