05 September 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is the day BEFORE my dad's birthday! Lauren and I missed church (we slept in at Lauren's parents in Hudson), but we made it for college group at church!
After church we all went to OLD CHICAGO to celebrate my dad's birthday! The food was AMAZING (our favorite Hawaiian pizza is here), but the fellowship was even BETTER!

We were joined by most everyone in the family and had a great time together.
Later that afternoon Lauren and I took a nap, then met our cousins at the State Fair! We walked around, ate a snow cone (actually that was all Lauren) and some fries, then joined our cousins again at the grandstand to watch the amateur talent show! Sweet stuff!
Check out this video of the beatboxer! Press play, then click on the numbers on the lower right hand corner to view in HD (720)! The comment at the end is great!

Lauren caught a T-shirt too! We gave it to Jessica! Check the pic!

After the show (we left early), we met up with Barry Valentine to ride in his bus! It was fun to catch up with him for a few minutes! He's been a great friend and a good mentor!

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