06 September 2010

Labor Day - coming home!

Lauren and I woke up really early from her parents house so we could get an early start on the road back to Chicago. Before we left though, we were blessed to have breakfast with both parents (Micah's side and Lauren's side) in Hudson at a Christian bagel shop. The food was amazing and the fellowship was even better! It was great to be united with our families together once-more, and it is sad that we always feel rushed when we're together! But it was wonderful to have them pray for us and bless us with their presence (they also bought breakfast for us)!
On the road trip home - Micah drove the whole way! :) We stopped for dinner at CHICK-FIL-A in Racine, WI! It was totally on the way and we totally had coupons for free sandwiches there! Guess what! We got MORE coupons for free sandwiches after visiting! The free food and fun just doesn't stop! The trip was totally worth it right there!
We got home in the early evening, I quick called AT&T to take care of some stuff, then Lauren and I went to Michael and Brittany's for dinner! We had a wonderful time with a lot of our Moody friends. The dinner was awesome, the games were fun (even though my team lost each time), and the fellowship was the best!

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