09 September 2010

Save Big $ @ Menards!

I didn't feel well this much so that I called off work in the morning. It was really a blessing because that meant that I could enjoy having breakfast with Lauren! That was really neat! She let me have the car for the day too - in case I wanted to just drive to work/school a little bit later.
I felt a little better later in the day, so I drove over to Menards to pick up a couple things that we needed, and a bunch of things that we didn't! But let me explain! Menards has a lot of "free" items in their weekly catalogs that come back in the form of rebate checks. You need to buy $10 worth of non-rebated items before you qualify. So I needed some of that orange hand-soap that removes grease, as well as a small level for our photo frames. I already had a rebate check - so I hardly spent a thing as I took away TONS of stuff for free from there! I will just get another rebate check to replace the one I had! Some of the stuff I got include:
window/tile caulk (6 tubes), shelving liner (keeps stuff from sliding or falling), WD-40 pens (sweet stuff), mini blinds (believe it or not!), food storage containers, utility blades, a ton of sandpaper, microfiber towels, and much more!
Then - I started feeling better and went to work (go figure)! It was a good day - but I am not looking to being away from Lauren for the whole weekend...
OH! I almost forgot! The evening was spent at Moody - eating my Chiptole (leftover from yesterday!), and going to Student Wives Fellowship with Lauren!
Once a month the husbands are allowed to join for dessert and fellowship! Tonight, Dean Jelinek and his wife spoke on marriage! It was great! We took off a little early though because Lauren missed the free dinner (because of work) - so we went home to get her food!

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