14 September 2010

Army Tuition application in!

Another excellent class and lab with Dr. Thrasher. I enjoy spending time in prayer with my fellow classmates, and learning about the attributes of my Lord and Savior.

FINALLY - I was able to get my Army tuition assistance (TA) application approved and submitted! I had to pay for my whole school bill by August 1st, so when I get this check from the Army - what a blessing that will be! The Army only offers $4500/year - and it looks like they only cover $250/credit. Moody is $340/credit, so that leaves me with paying $90/credit...but PRAISE the Lord I also have a Moody scholarship that will help alleviate this cost as well! Lauren and I are so blessed!

Thanks again for praying for us on a continual basis! God hears those prayers - and especially when we are persistent in them!


  1. I hear that. I'm hoping to write a similar e-mail once I get funds together. God certainly has been encouraging your study at Moody.

    Thanks for digging in like you do. The army will be blessed by your intensity.

  2. thanks bro! I really appreciate the encouragement!


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