17 September 2010

Date Night at Vivo!

Being a Friday, I didn't have work or school...but Lauren did. This meant most of my day was consumed with cleaning the apartment, doing homework, and doing more homework!
We had a leaky kitchen sink, but today someone from the complex came over to replace the rusting pipe and install a new drain in the right sink. Problem solved!

When Lauren got home from work I told her that I wanted to take her out for the evening. It didn't much persuasion! We headed over to a fancy Italian restaurant called Vivo, near Lauren's work on the west loop. Why here? Well - it had good reviews...but I also had a Groupon for this place that I've been saving for a while! $60 worth of food for $20!

This restaurant is known for its famous converted elevator-shaft booth, which sits above the dining room, overlooking the restaurant! I guess Oprah Winfrey sat there before (but who cares!).

When we arrived, the whole place was practically empty! We were warmly greeted by the staff, and I asked if the elevator booth was open! Guess what?! It WAS! They totally let us eat there - velvet curtains and all!

The waiter Mike was great!
We ordered a grilled-asparagus appetizer, a beet salad, and then Lauren got a salmon pasta, while I ordered the gnocchi. Every plate was delicious! Our favorite was the gnocchi, so we switched plates so Lauren could enjoy it! The salmon pasta tasted like an entire fillet was cut up in there! It tasted more like a fish-dish than a pasta dish (which was quite alright with us)!

For dessert we had Chocolate obsession - just look at the picture and you'll know why that was amazing!

We took some great pics - so enjoy! We had a wonderful time and would recommend it to anyone who wanted to eat at a fun and good-tasting Italian restaurant!

oh - our bill came out to be $5.55 after the Groupon! Of course, we gave Mike a great tip - so we spent about $40 on a meal worth about $85!

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