25 September 2010

Ultrasound Photos

The ultrasound was pretty much dedicated to measurements and checking anatomy of the baby. So, most of the photos are pretty uninteresting or we don't even know what they are photos of. But, we got one 3D profile of the baby and a look at its foot prints.

3D profile of entire baby.
The baby's head is actually round, but it looks pretty bumpy in the photo.

Little Feet


  1. Whoop Whoop, that's a boy if i've ever seen one, jk. Oh how neat it is that you choose not to know the baby's gender. expect lots of yellow and purple baby gifts. We are thrilled and blessed to be at your call if you have any need. 4 reals.

  2. thanks so much Nic! We'll definitely keep you posted! The same goes for you guys as well! Let us know if you need ANYTHING!


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