12 September 2010

Ft. McCoy Day 3

Not much sleep again - and had an early formation at 0530. Major Bradley introduced himself as the new commander of our rear det. company. I really enjoy his personality - seems very easy to communicate with when needed.

The rest of the morning was spent cleaning our barracks, eating breakfast, cleaning weapons (not me!), and preparing to leave WI! The buses arrived early, but because a weapon went unaccounted for - for about an hour, we left just a little after schedule. We made good time back to Darien, IL - and I was able to leave on time to make it to Bible study!
Lauren and I joined a cross-generational Bible study - and tonight was the first meeting! We will be meeting at a friend's condo every other week, where we will enjoy dinner (the husband is a professional chef) and study God's Word together! Lauren and I were blessed to meet some other church members that we previously had not met. We are also blessed to have Michael and Brittany in the same study as well! This is going to be a great semester/year!

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