08 September 2010

Chapel, Chipotle, and Microwave!

Today was great! First we had a wonderful chapel - with an incredible testimony given by our Honorable StuCo Pres, Jason LaLonde. It brought me to tears, as I had no idea of God's orchestration in his life. It was powerful stuff.

Later in the afternoon, Chiptole had a BOGO offer for Moody students - so I trotted on down there (about 10 minutes walk) to get TWO veggie burrito bowls (with the tortillas on the side)! Less mess, free guac, and easier to eat! Plus I had one now for the next day's dinner!
I got back to Moody, ate in the StuCo room (where I do h/w a lot now), and found an offer on craigslist for a microwave! It was located right by Chipotle - so I went back, picked up a SWEET microwave and brought it back! I encountered some great expressions on the way back while carrying it! I even ran into Michael and Brittany again!
Sweet day!

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