30 August 2010

Another Monday - and some gripes about my wife's job!

I had work today until 1pm - then had a quick lunch quick consisted of string cheese, an apple, and some carrots! Next was Dr. Green's class in Theology of the Gospels. I'm really enjoying this class so far.
Lauren picked me up after work so we could take something back to Target and pick up a few things for our taco dinner tonight!
That's about it.
I'm getting more disappointed with Lauren's work (I'll post the name of the work after she quits in December - just so she doesn't get in trouble). For one thing, Lauren had a PERFECT review not too long ago, but it seems like the investors and powers-that-be like to take advantage of their "perfect" employees (and everyone else working there as well). Here is a critical review of this company (which I still do admire for their "eco-friendly" focus).

"Lauren's Job" gripes:
1. No can can get raises until they reach a 95% capacity. Since they are probably already profiting (big-time I would guess) this is ridiculous. I've never heard of a job that would do something like that! Are these investors money hungry or what?!

2. Lauren was granted vacation for this Friday (a long time ago) - YET, they are holding a mandatory meeting Thursday night - 2 hours AFTER work! They just announced this meeting 2 weeks ago when Lauren has had permission for MONTHS!
This means that their workers have to PUNCH OUT, then COME BACK to work for a mandatory meeting! What in the world?! Is this high-school?! It's one thing to have a quick briefing immediately following work, but to have a meeting 2 hours AFTER work is just insane! It's basically wasting 2 hours of everyone's time as they hang out in the area waiting for the meeting to happen! PLUS, the director is fully aware of Lauren's vacation the following day. They also know that Lauren and I are DRIVING back that NIGHT - so where is the sensitivity?! Do they want our baby to get hurt in some late-night accident?!

3. There is only a 10% discount for employees who want to have their children taken care of here! TEN PERCENT! So it would cost Lauren 20,000 dollars to take our child there! Um - so Lauren works full-time and that would pay just for 1 child?! HA! Can we say "PATHETIC"!

Conclusion: Obviously "Lauren's job" in Chicago is not a Christian-based organization, and therefore sets no standards that would cater to the needs of others instead of themselves. Of course we shouldn't be surprised when we see companies with potential act as greedy, selfish, worldly, and power-hungry as "Lauren's Job". It gives me joy to think that even though I don't make very much at Moody Bible Institute, the entire institute's goal is to serve Christ. This involves constantly putting others first, seeking to educate their students with tuition-free education, and ministering to thousands of people world-wide through various means.
Tell me how many places get together 10 minutes a day to thank the Lord for our students, employees, and institute!
Ok - I'm done! This is all my personal griping - not Lauren's :)
p.s. BIG congrats to my mom who started her new job today as Observatory Coordinator! WOW! God is AWESOME! For those of you who don't know, my mom left Meadow Creek Christian School (now Legacy Christian Academy) for some sad reasons (mostly because they took away her classes and gave her ones that she is not qualified in). Oh yeah - there are also some other sad things going on there too... :(
SO - all that to say, God blessed her with TWO amazing jobs! Both are flexible, allowing my mom to teach students with the gifts that God has given her, AND they pay better than Meadow Creek (probably not by much, but hey it reminds me of God having vindication from Psalms you know)?! what a BLESSING!

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